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Estate Administration

Leaving a Legacy of Values Not Just Valuables

Did you know that your estate plan provides a great opportunity to pass on your values to the next generation?

Often when a person is planning how their estate will be passed on, the focus is on financial assets and personal property.

Of course this is important, as we all want to pass on wealth to help out our loved ones.

But what if you could use your estate plan to teach and pass on your values to the next generation?

The great news is that you can.

You can help ensure that your loved ones use your wealth in a positive and life-affirming way.

The key is deciding how you want to pass on your wealth.

It starts with identifying and expressing your own values and wishes when it comes to your descendants.

Are there any conditions or milestones you would like to apply to the distribution of your wealth, or would you prefer not to be too prescriptive?

Would you like your wishes to have legal protection or to be captured as personal preferences?

Your Wills and Estate Planning lawyer can help you strike the right balance between guiding and helping your loved ones, and being too prescriptive.


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What next?

You should speak to qualified Wills and Estate professional such as Gill & Lane Solicitors for advice on best capturing your values and legally protecting your wishes in an estate plan.

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