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Estate Administration

Most Common Wills and Estates Issues

The Top 5 Most Common Wills and Estates Topics You Need to Know

Over the years we have seen the same topics and issues arise again and again with our clients. While every person’s situation is unique, when it comes to Wills and Estates there are some common things everyone needs to know about. So we have dug into our archives to deliver you the top 5 Wills


Why Active Living is Critical for a Happy & Healthy Retirement

Many of us look forward to retiring, looking at it as a chance to put our feet up and relax. After decades of hard work we all deserve a chance to take a break, but we shouldn’t take our foot off the accelerator all together. More and more evidence points to the importance of maintaining


The A-Z of Wills and Estate Legal Terms

Dealing with Wills and Estate Planning can seem a little overwhelming at times, but even more so when trying to understand a bunch of legal terms.   Here’s our guide to help you make sense of the most common terms.


How to Speak to Loved Ones About Estate Planning

Let’s face it no one likes to speak about death or dying, but this is exactly what you need to do when it comes to estate planning. While it can be uncomfortable and difficult to speak about what will happen when someone dies, it’s also incredibly important to do so.


Are you ready to retire?

Retirement these days looks very different to the generations before us. It’s not as clear-cut as working one day and fully retiring the next. With the Age Pension eligibility age currently increasing from 65 to 67 by 2023, many people are choosing to transition to retirement with a reduction in work hours. Just as many


But They’re Family – Lending Money to Your Kids The Right Way

It seems these days more than ever, parents are helping out their adult children financially.   It’s fairly common place for parents to want to help out their children, whether they’re lending money to to support a business venture, repay debts or help buy property.   Ideally the money is paid back over time and


Should You Downsize During Retirement

Something that we all have in common is that we can’t control time. When we arrive at retirement age although it’s a time for us to relax and enjoy our twilight years, it can be a stressful time for a lot of people who haven’t planned ahead.


Proposed Policy Changes to Release Cash for Retirees

A Green Paper from the Actuaries Institute, Unlocking Housing Wealth, released last month claims that the family home is a store of considerable, though relatively untapped, wealth for current retirees. The paper addresses the dilemma of current asset-rich, cash-poor retirees whose wealth is tied up in the family home. 


The 5 Biggest Estate Planning Mistakes

Retirement’s great. Well at least it looks pretty good from the outside. I hope to do it myself one day.   You’ve probably spent most of your life shouldering work and family responsibilities. You start counting down the days until you can kick back and focus on you and just enjoying yourself.


Planning Aged Care

Your aged care is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make, but all too often we put off making any decisions until it’s too late.

Need advice on Aged Care? 

Preparing for Aged Care can be overwhelming and confusing. At Gill and Lane, we’re experts at keeping the process as simple as possible. Contact us and we can help safeguard your future wishes.

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