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Choosing Your Executor

Choosing your Executor will be one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make – but what exactly do you need to consider and how do you choose the right person?


What is Probate?

When it comes to administering an estate, one of the most common questions we get asked is, what exactly is Probate and a Court Grant of Probate?


Proposed Policy Changes to Release Cash for Retirees

A Green Paper from the Actuaries Institute, Unlocking Housing Wealth, released last month claims that the family home is a store of considerable, though relatively untapped, wealth for current retirees. The paper addresses the dilemma of current asset-rich, cash-poor retirees whose wealth is tied up in the family home. 


The 5 Biggest Estate Planning Mistakes

Retirement’s great. Well at least it looks pretty good from the outside. I hope to do it myself one day.   You’ve probably spent most of your life shouldering work and family responsibilities. You start counting down the days until you can kick back and focus on you and just enjoying yourself.


Who knows your passwords? Digital Asset Planning

It’s an ongoing challenge in this digital age to effectively manage all of our online accounts, technological devices and passwords. Many of us would be completely lost without ‘forgot password’ or ‘security question’ recovery options. Even then we can struggle remembering which email address we used and ‘who was my favourite teacher’ again. So imagine


Victorian Drivers Taking Traffic Fines to Court

A report shows thousands of Victorian drivers are choosing to take traffic fines and parking tickets to court with the figure increasing by 12,000 from the previous financial year.    The report shows that 72,900 people opted to appear before a magistrate instead of handing over the cash to pay the fines in the last financial


Legal Win for Mental Health

A Melbourne woman who took on an insurance giant has won her case over mental illness travel exclusions.    Ella Ingram who suffered from depression from the age of 17 was refused reimbursement for a 2012 school trip to New York when she became too mentally ill to travel.    The insurance giant’s cover did