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Estate Administration


Estranged Children & Wills

Estrangement – Who Can Make A Claim? and How to Protect Your Assets It’s an unfortunate fact for some families that estrangement can occur between parents and children. While this situation on a day-to-day basis is difficult enough, it can become even more complicated when it comes to Wills, Estate Planning and Administration. It’s not


Leaving a Legacy of Values Not Just Valuables

Did you know that your estate plan provides a great opportunity to pass on your values to the next generation? Often when a person is planning how their estate will be passed on, the focus is on financial assets and personal property. Of course this is important, as we all want to pass on wealth to


But They’re Family – Lending Money to Your Kids The Right Way

It seems these days more than ever, parents are helping out their adult children financially.   It’s fairly common place for parents to want to help out their children, whether they’re lending money to to support a business venture, repay debts or help buy property.   Ideally the money is paid back over time and


Social Media and Estate Planning

Why and how to safely share your online details We all hear often enough how we should never share our online usernames and passwords – for good reason of course – but where does this leave a deceased person’s social media accounts? Many of us are active on one or more social media networks, whether it’s


What to Do If Something Happens to My Business Partner

What to do when a business partner dies or becomes permanently disabled Going into business with someone else, particularly when it’s not a family member, is a big decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. While many people give a lot of thought to the compatibility of working together and how the business will actually operate, unfortunately


Why Wills & Estate Planning Is Never Simple

“My Will is simple.” Every day we come across clients who assume their Will is simple. This most commonly happens when a person doesn’t own a lot of different types of assets or they assume everything they own will automatically go to their partner or spouse. While the complexity of Wills varies greatly, they are


What assets are included in your estate and covered by your Will?

Many people assume that having a Will alone is enough to manage all of your assets. While having a high quality Will is a great start, it doesn’t necessarily cover everything. Not all types of assets are included in your estate and controlled by you Will.   What’s Not Included in Your Estate  


Billions or Not…Estate Disputes Can and Do Happen

It doesn’t take billions or even millions of dollars of dollars for conflict to occur between family members. When it comes to Wills and Estates disputes can occur over many things. It’s not unusual for family members to disagree over relatively small amounts of money or even sentimental items.


I Need a Will – How Do I Choose a Good Lawyer?

Choosing the right solicitor for you Like any industry, there are varying levels of expertise and specialities in the legal profession. Most people want to be sure they are entrusting their legal needs in the right hands, particularly when it comes to personal matters like Wills and Estates.   The question is then how do you

Who can access my Will

Who Can Access My Will?

Did you know it’s not just your Executor who has access to your Will upon your death? In Queensland there are laws that make it much easier for some people to access or get a copy of your Will when you die but who exactly are they?

Need advice on protecting your privacy?

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