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Estate Administration


How to Decide if a DIY or Free Will is Right for You

You may not be surprised to learn that we recommend most people engage a suitably qualified legal professional to develop their Will and Estate Plan.  After all we’re Wills and Estates lawyers. But setting any cynicism you may have aside for a moment, I would like to emphasise that this is the case for ‘most’


The A-Z of Wills and Estate Legal Terms

Dealing with Wills and Estate Planning can seem a little overwhelming at times, but even more so when trying to understand a bunch of legal terms.   Here’s our guide to help you make sense of the most common terms.


Estate Planning for Loved Ones with a Disability

In our last post we talked about the importance of creating a future life plan for loved ones with disabilities.   Once you have established a framework and support network that will secure your loved one’s wellbeing, you need to make financial and legal provisions needed to support the implementation of the plan.   A


Future Planning for Loved Ones with a Disability

One of the biggest concerns parents and carers of people with a disability face, is how their loved one will be supported in the future, when they’re unable to, or are no longer here.   While many people with a disability are able to make their own decisions or actively participate in decision making, some


How to Speak to Loved Ones About Estate Planning

Let’s face it no one likes to speak about death or dying, but this is exactly what you need to do when it comes to estate planning. While it can be uncomfortable and difficult to speak about what will happen when someone dies, it’s also incredibly important to do so.


Are you ready to retire?

Retirement these days looks very different to the generations before us. It’s not as clear-cut as working one day and fully retiring the next. With the Age Pension eligibility age currently increasing from 65 to 67 by 2023, many people are choosing to transition to retirement with a reduction in work hours. Just as many


Estate Administration Problems & How to Avoid Them

One of our biggest aims for clients is that their estate is administered efficiently and as painlessly as possible. A high quality, legally binding Will and Estate Plan can go a long way in smoothing the process. Sadly though even the best laid plans can go awry – and with no Will or plan at


Estranged Children & Wills

Estrangement – Who Can Make A Claim? and How to Protect Your Assets It’s an unfortunate fact for some families that estrangement can occur between parents and children. While this situation on a day-to-day basis is difficult enough, it can become even more complicated when it comes to Wills, Estate Planning and Administration. It’s not


Leaving a Legacy of Values Not Just Valuables

Did you know that your estate plan provides a great opportunity to pass on your values to the next generation? Often when a person is planning how their estate will be passed on, the focus is on financial assets and personal property. Of course this is important, as we all want to pass on wealth to

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